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Clay stands with sculpture of Bill Clark and labrador

My work gravitates toward uplifting and inspirational themes, often Ancient themes, leveraging the figure’s range to draw out transcendent truth and contemporary messages of hope and redemption.


Within this context, my emphasis is on composition.  Be it sheep or children, I am looking for the right posture, the natural stance, the proper spacing, the perfect tension to make the work sculpturally compelling.  I strive for conceptual consistency from style and patina through to the presentation on the base.  Many of my new pieces are displayed on large black walnut blocks.  This creates a specific space for the composition to breath and affords a more monumental presence to the work.


Glass is a new medium for me and I am really liking the added dimensionality and the element of luminosity.  In a piece like When You Pass Through, there is a great contrast that the cool, rigid glass strikes against the warm, impressionistic bronze, helping to carry the extraordinary elements of the narrative.

"the human figure is endlessly expressive; it can evoke a simple feeling or it can tell an elaborate story..."
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